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Check out the McClane books below and follow our beloved McClanes in this epic apocalyptic saga of personal struggle and triumph, family, and survival:


“The end of the world doesn’t happen with a bang. It takes slightly longer than that but not by much. Reagan McClane’s life is about to be forever changed...”

The McClane Apocalypse Book One

ISBN 13: 978-0615990880

Reagan McClane is a prodigy medical student studying at Ohio State University when the apocalypse begins. She barely makes it home to her beloved family in Tennessee after a brutal life or death attack at her school. Nuclear war and rogue tsunamis ravage the coastlines of America and Europe decimating tens of millions of lives.


Three Army Rangers, one of whom is married to Reagan’s eldest sister, Sue, will join the family to make the farm into an impenetrable fortress that they will fight to keep, no matter the cost.

And although another Ranger John Harrison is immediately infatuated with Reagan and her feisty green eyes and curly blonde locks, she is too hardened and broken from her experience at her college to allow anyone into her heart of ice. And the physically imposing Ranger Kelly Alexander will fall hard for Reagan’s youngest sister, Hannah, who is quite possibly the most insightful character in the series. He is drawn to her soft mannerisms and innocence, but little does he know there is a lot more to Hannah than meets the eye. However, he feels that he is not good enough, has seen and done too much in the military to deserve someone like her.


They will fight together to keep the farm safe, keep each other safe and do what they must to survive. And Reagan will fight to keep anyone from getting close to her ever again.


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The McClane Apocalypse Book Two
ISBN: 13-978-0692214442​


Having survived the first few months of the apocalypse, the McClane family forges on through turmoil and strife. John and Reagan make a fateful trip on horseback through the dense Tennessee forest to the nearest city. However, this will prove more dangerous than they could have ever anticipated, and they quickly learn just how far humanity has plummeted into a well of darkness and despair. And Reagan will discover just how far John will go to keep her safe.  


The family’s humanity is tested as they aid those less fortunate from lawless hordes that are raping, pillaging and murdering anyone who gets in their way. Just when Kelly’s demons seem to be quieting, a new threat ascends the farm, one that he can’t simply frighten off with suppressive fire.


The tough-as nails Army Rangers living on the farm will do whatever it takes to keep this family safe and hold onto the McClane compound at any cost. Fraught with human emotion, complex relationships, and the continued fight for survival, book two takes the reader on a thrill ride that doesn’t let up- not even after the last page has been turned.




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The McClane Apocalypse Book Three


In the third installment of this epic saga, The McClane family faces new challenges. They will combat a deadly disease that could kill them all, outside complications from an embattled nearby city, and potentially dangerous strangers living on their farm.  Their safe haven of security and isolation that they’ve worked so hard to preserve could come to an end.  


While Reagan and Doc work tirelessly with their ill patients, tensions mount between the Rangers and the unwanted guests. Even though the McClanes have established rules, boundaries will be violated which further incenses the soldiers.


Relationships deepen, secrets are exposed and the family is forced to make an important decision. Their bond will strengthen as they experience love, tough decisions and a deepening commitment to each other. John’s feelings for Reagan intensify, but will he ever break down the protective barrier around her heart?


Follow this story all the way to its climactic ending full of twists and surprises around every corner.








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The McClane Apocalypse Book Four

ISBN 13-9781507855218



As the years have gone by on the McClane farm, the family has suffered losses, brought forth new life and celebrated the return of old friends. They work with their community to restore unity while offering medical services at Doc’s old practice in town. But some of them wonder if going to town will always be what’s best for their personal safety and the security of the whole family.


The teenagers are no longer kids but working, contributing adults who run patrols, hunt, fish and forage for supplies from neighboring towns for the betterment of the group. Making those trips sometimes comes at a price, however, and eventually even the ultimate one. When tragedy strikes and one of their own leaves the farm for good, how will they continue on?


And in this next chapter of the family saga, a radio message may just put a wrench in their plans and ruin all hopes of maintaining a peaceful existence on their hidden sanctuary.


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The McClane Apocalypse Book 5

ISBN: 13: 978-0692553626

Follow the next generation of the McClane family as they fight to overcome the nightmares of their pasts and press forward toward a new future together. As Paige struggles to fit in with the family, Simon must deal with his feelings for Samantha, feelings he would just as soon forget. With Cory’s return, everyone fears that he will never recover from the loss of his little sister.


Once again, the McClane family comes up against conflict and hardship in book five of the series. They will take on an unforeseen threat, welcome new people into their small town and discover potential betrayals within the community. Important new alliances are made, which will aid in securing and defending the family and their expanding town. Relationships are deepened while others are severed. And Reagan’s courage will be tested as she must face her most difficult adversary yet.

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From Amazon’s #1 bestselling apocalypse series comes the next exciting installment of The McClane Apocalypse.


With the return of Robert McClane, the family will soon learn the reasons behind his unexpected homecoming. Naturally, Reagan is leery of her father’s message and harbors a certain amount of distrust toward him, especially since he brought with him a deadly disease. Even Herb McClane’s faith in his son and his motives will be tested in the end.


The McClane’s also discover a problem in their small town, one that is wreaking havoc on the safety of the people and their medical clinic. Could this thief be an innocent person just needing sustenance for the coming winter months or does this new situation foretell something of a greater threat?


As the family prepares to hunker down for the long winter, hearts will be broken, others opened to new possibilities, and even more members will be forced to leave their safe haven.

The McClane Apocalypse Book Six

ISBN: 13-978-1537260099

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The Mclane Apocalypse Book Seven

ISBN-13: 978-1545449776

            As the McClane saga continues, the family is forced to aid General Robert McClane in his travels to Fort Knox where he will meet up with the rest of his people from the bunker. The strength of the group will be tested, and hard choices met head-on.

            The family will face a new threat in the area that is wiping out innocent people near their farm, and some will be put in perilous situations. Cory and Paige will need to confront a difficult decision of their own, but can she let go of her fears to do so?

            Sam has given up all hope that Simon will come to his senses, but has he given up on her and is he willing to let her go so easily?

            And a fight for survival none of them saw coming will knock on their door. Can the family survive their toughest adversary yet?

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The McClane Apocalypse Book Eight
ISBN: 978-1981148448  

            While the cleanup and repairs are made to the farm after the storm that nearly took everything from them, the family attempts to put their lives back together and help their allies and community do the same.

            A trip to General Robert McClane’s new compound will prove an eye-opening experience, and the family is surprised at the growth rate at Fort Knox. However, one of Robert’s trusted men will leave them questioning the general’s motives.

They are pulled once again into the fray as more and more innocent people fall prey to the highwaymen’s relentless and violent attacks. They are threatening their safety and terrorizing the roads, venturing closer and closer to the McClane family’s town, their farm, and their allies. The family decides it can no longer stand by and do nothing while these men slaughter people. It is time to go on the offensive.

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The McClane Apocalypse Book Nine

ISBN 13:  978-172048437

     As the saga continues, the McClane family must deal with the highwaymen for good, but despite their well-planned strategies and meetings, they find that time and again the group is one step ahead of them and will not be so easily defeated. Finding their hidden lairs will prove only half the battle, and in the end, they discover that others could be conspiring against them and working with their enemy to defeat them.

     The arrival of Robert McClane’s doctors and scientists will significantly improve their chances of finding a cure for the Scarlet Fever ravaging the children of their village, but with more people comes significant complications that could potentially upset the balance of the family.

     And the conflict between Cory and his best friend lingers as he tries to find a way to help Simon learn to forgive him and resolve their issues. Except for the only problem Simon has isn’t just Cory. His own struggles to win back Sam and convince her to return to the farm is the most difficult task he’s faced yet. It leaves some of them wondering if harmony will ever visit their farm again.

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McClane Apocalypse Book 10 resized.jpg

The McClane Apocalypse Book Ten

The Finale

ISBN 13:  978-0463403723

As the McClane saga continues, the family realizes that someone in their trusted, inner circle may just be the person who has leaked precious information about them, Fort Knox, and their community allies to the men who were running the highwaymen and ultimately to whoever they were reporting. It becomes a quest for vengeance, a vengeance of the innocent people murdered for months on end by the highwaymen. Will time run out before they can stop the damage being done to their family and allies or will they sniff out the traitors in time to finally end it?

And while the manhunt continues, Simon, who has finally reconciled his feelings for Sam, must find a way to win her over after the pain he has caused her fragile heart for rejecting her. However, it proves more difficult than he anticipates as she has made a promise to herself to close Simon out of her life forever. Little does she know, Simon has finally come into his own and is up for the challenge.

When the story concludes, the McClane family will be put to the biggest test of their lives since the fall and are faced with drastic changes to their family dynamic when General McClane calls them to a meeting at Fort Knox to discuss their fates. And all Herb wants to do is hold his family together, keep them safe, and protect them. But at what cost will that come?


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