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I grew up in Ohio, raised by a gun collecting father and a loving mother. For my 18th birthday instead of the usual pretty piece of jewelry as most girls would receive, I was given a shotgun so that I could continue trap-shooting every Friday night with my dad. Those Friday nights with him are some great memories. Plus, going to gun shows with him on weekends when I was younger gave me an appreciation and respect of firearms. I still love target shooting, and my husband and I are passing along the same respect and enjoyment of firearms to our children.


Some of my favorite authors are: Dean Koontz, Judith McNaught, Kristen Hannah, Nancy Thayer, John Saul and James Patterson. I know, eclectic, right? I've just never been the kind of person to stick with one specific genre. I love reading and can get lost in a good story whether it's horror or romance. 


The experiences I’ve had while living on our small farm and the knowledge of my ex-military husband have lent to the specific detail and accuracy with which I can write the many topics within these novels. This is a visually beautiful trilogy set against the backdrop of a lovely, tranquil farm in direct contrast with an end-of-the-world landscape of destroyed and fallen cities.


Another note:  Reagan came to me in a dream, actually a terrible nightmare that left me with a racing heart and shaking hands. (I probably ate spicy salsa or something before bed.  Who knows?) The first two chapters of this book woke me at 4 a.m. and I became obsessed with Reagan. Over the next few months the dreams became more persistent. The rest of the cast of characters evolved and I wrote over 1,100 pages in three months. No, I didn’t sleep much, but I suppose most people obsessed do not! My area of interest as a writer and reader has always been in the markets of historical romance or thrillers. I’ve never even attempted to write anything in this genre before, but I knew I had to. It just would not leave me alone. Women love a good romance and men love action. This series has both. I am very blessed that she came to me that night, even with the lack of sleep.



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All of the Amazing artwork done on the  covers of this series is by Ebook Launch. A great team of designers who are so patient and easy to work with.

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