Hannah and Grams's kitchen at the farm:

A little funny from book two!

Rear view of the farm


Oil well access road. I live in Ohio in the heart of the fracking district. These are pretty much everywhere near me. ...and the McClanes.

The forest surrounding the McClane farm where Reagan and John make their morning patrols.

These remind me of someone, hmmm...

Part of the tack room in the horse barn

Grams's rose garden

The back porch on the farm. An important gathering place for the McClane family.

A partial view of Grandpa's den.

The music room.

Hannie's bedroom

I'd bet this part of the barn smells nice!

The McClane women have been busy.

Now that's a McClane garden!

Hannah's friends

No words are necessary on this one:

Reagan's college:

Reagan's colorful gray bedroom suite.

Mm, biscuits and gravy. A hearty McClane breakfast

Sam's art. This angel drawing will have a relevent moment in Book 4. Artist's rendition by P.M.M. Love the body armor.

Sam's desk