My interview with very cool author, G. Michael Hopf, for his i.t. radio program: All Things Apocalyptic. Fun time. Just warning, if you listen and you haven't heard me speak before: yes, I know I sound like I'm 12. I promise it's really me. What can I say, I lost life's lottery in height and voice size, grrr. There is a lil static and touch and go for the first few minutes, but I think it levels out.


I am on the 10/14 time slot on the left hand side on the bottom.


If you haven't read his series yet, then check it out. I'm on book 2 now. Very different than mine, but a good series with lots of things that make me question how I would handle his shtf situation.



Hey all! I was on the Prepper Chicks radio show on July 22, 2014!  

Podcast right after the show and Youtube available below.









Will be on TJ Redig's podcast on Wednesday, August 20th at 8pm. He is an up and coming author who runs a podcast available through Youtube. He enjoys interviewing new authors and discussing their books and writing techniques.